Jennifer Duncan

My work is driven by a desire to create interesting, colorful surfaces that are inspired by aspects of nature. I grew up surrounded by native plants, animals and rural spaces, and find bits and pieces of these images in my paintings.
The garden has given me many things. Inspiration and illness, beauty and burden, order and chaos. It holds mysteries that create opportunities for the imagination- things that are real and those imagined. A garden must be planned, planted and tended, without allowing that intention to interfere with the beauty that springs up organically.
My paintings often follow a similar route. Beginning with an abstracted ground, I build color and texture with layers of acrylics, polymer, paper, graphite and Caran D'Ache. I work to blend elements of design with intuition. Sometimes my paintings develop spontaneously, sometimes they are planned and constructed in a more mechanical and calculated way, but always with the conscious objective of finding a creative and individual language to represent the world around me.

Come visit me at my home studio (call to make an appointment at 571-214-6784), or my group studio, with 9 other artists called the "Artists' Atelier" at 756 Walker Road, Great Falls, VA. Open hours are Wednesday and Saturday afternoons or by appointment or chance.
Contact me about mixed media classes and visual journaling workshops for young adults with chronic illnesses.