I have always been drawn to nature. Exploring the forest, stream and field life on a summer farm and in my neighborhood in Arlington, Virginia, were how I filled my childhood days. I kept plants in my room; watering, trimming and watching. As a young adult, I helped run my parent’s small commercial greenhouse. I potted plants and dead-picked leaves… and breathed in deeply. The earthy, humid smells of dirt, moss and plants were comforting and connected me to life.

Flora and fauna hold mysteries that create opportunities for imagination – things that are real and those imagined. Observation of the wilderness around me has taught me patience, the joy of discovery and accorded me an incurable curiosity. This enchantment with nature inspires my work. I walk daily with my dog, taking photos of odd bits of nature and collecting organic materials along the way to bring back to my studio, allowing me to then explore the imagery through process and a variety of materials.

Come visit me at my home studio, or at the “Artists’ Atelier” studio (www.greatfallsatelier.com) I share with 10 other artists at 756 Walker Road, Great Falls, VA. Open hours at the Atelier are Wednesdays (12-4pm) and Saturdays (10am-2pm) or whenever an artist is working.

I am also a member of Studio Gallery in Washington, DC.
Please visit: www.studiogallerydc.com